Substituting Technology for Connection: Why I’m Lonely

im 5.16

I have 12 different ways to contact people. Yet I feel starved for connection. I know more people than I have ever known. Yet I feel lonelier than I have ever felt. My social interactions are feeling less and less satisfying. I feel anxious when real topics are discussed in person.  And although I have […]

Escaping the Whirlpool: How I’m Freeing Myself from Guilt, Shame, and Perfectionism

IM 5.7

When I was 19 years old, I traveled to Costa Rica with my boyfriend’s family. While rafting on very intense Class V rapids, our boat hit a rock and everyone except me and one other person fell out. The rapids were billed as Class II, but a recent storm had changed the water patterns and […]

Taking on Too Much – What I Learned From My Daughter’s 1st Birthday Party


My daughter turned one on Monday.  I’m still recovering. No, this is not a discussion about how I’m sad that she’s getting older, or missing the good ole days when I could set her down and she would stay there.  I’m still recovering from the party that I threw. I don’t know what came over […]

An open letter to my anxiety…


Dear Anxiety, I know I don’t normally speak directly to you.  I normally spend my time trying to avoid you, push you down, or numb you out.  But it’s time we had a little heart to heart. Sometimes I hate you. I think about how much you run my life and how powerless I feel […]

My Experiment with Tapping for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

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Anxiety is like a bully that keeps chasing me around, making me feel constantly under threat of attack. I’m tired of it. Lately I feel powerless over it and want to punch it in the face. This is state I’m in as join in the 2014 Tapping World Summit online. I vowed to my audience to […]

How I’m learning self-acceptance from my baby

baby heart

My baby is perfect. She doesn’t have to do anything or be anyone to deserve love. She doesn’t have to achieve anything, clean anything, or keep anything in order to feel ok. She doesn’t have to keep it together or pretend that she’s happy when she’s not. No one tells her she’s overreacting. No one […]

Dear anxiety, pack your bags


I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember. But I didn’t call it “anxiety,” I called it me. Anxiety and I were so intertwined that I didn’t even notice that it was running in the background, like a hamster on an endless wheel in the center of my chest. Have you ever not […]

The secret no one tells you during pregnancy

The secret no one tells you during pregnancy

People warn you about all sorts of life changes when you are pregnant, from the sleep you’re going to miss to the freedom you’re losing. But no one warns you about the most shocking change – what will happen to YOU after you have a baby. No one tells you that when your baby is […]

Motherhood and Roller Coasters: Why We Struggle to Find Happiness

emotional roller coaster

Why am I feeling crappy when I have this amazing baby? Why am I sad, lonely, angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed when my life is actually going really well? I keep coming back to this question over and over again, like that baby sock I can’t seem to find the match to. To recap, I have […]

Introducing the Happy New Mamas Collaborative Diary

  If you’re pregnant or have a young baby, this post is for you. Does this sound familiar? I didn’t expect to be feeling this way. People say to treasure every moment and I want to punch them. I want to hide what I’m really feeling Sometimes I can’t even admit it to myself… Ladies, […]